Adidas Superstar Shoe Cake

As promised, here are the picture of the sneaker cake. I'm so tired because I didn't get any sleep last night, so I'm just going to post the picture. ;)

This is how it looked before fondant. The cake was actually vanilla butter cake with ganache. Since I didn't has enough time to freeze then carve, I've to carve what I can and pasted the mashed left-over crumbs and ganache to take the the shoe shape.

Oops the royal icing bled!

more picture?

Red Queen Wedding Cake

This is actually the reproduction of the Cinderella cake but when the client wanted to change the color scheme to white, red and black, I think the Red Queen inspired theme is more appropriate. So here is the result. The top cake is the cutting cake, which set on a steel 3 tier cake stand.

3 tier cake cupcake stand

3 tiers cake stand with black white and red theme. The top tier will be replace with a small cutting cake and the bottom two will be hold the cupcakes.. Kash, Farra, please don't worry. I always deliver.

Hi peeps,  here's a quick update. Receive 2 last minute order yesterday. One for a Cinderella cutting cake and wedding cupcakes for this SUNDAY and another for an Adidas superstar cake for TUESDAY. Yeah yeah i know I shouldn't complaint. Thank for the orders. Will post pics of the actual cakes :)

Gingerbread Man by Dainty Cupcake

Christmas is just around the corner, too bad we don't have snow in KL. Bought this gorgeous copper cookie cutter set last week. I actually wanted only the gingerbread-man shape, but the oversize ones were out of stock. So bought the expensive set instead.

Copper cookie cutters set.

Copper cookie cutters set.

See how the gingerbread-man turned out after the jump.

Yellow Butterfly Cake

Made this for my fiance's colleague's wedding.

4 layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with Italian meringue buttercream filling and crumb-coated. Covered with homemade chocolate-brown fondant and decorated with light yellow (creamish) gumpaste.

The butterflies won't dry and hardened so had to be creative and scatter the fondant balls so that they can lift the butterflies.

Sprinkles some gold sugar to give it whimsical look.

Italian Meringue Kisses

Italian Meringue by Dainty Cupcake
This is my first attempt in making the famous Italian Meringue. I was curious on the taste. Some say the texture is crunchy, light and melt in your mouth. I personally think it taste like cotton candy. Only better. But the downside would be, it took so long to dry and become crunchy and it smells of egg. But never the less, i like it very much but not sure if I'll make it again because of the long baking time.

Another Black White And Red Cupcakes

I guess Black White and Red is a popular color combination. So my cousin's niece (or is it my cousin's cousin? we're related somehow but not sure how ;)) wanted to order cupcakes for her 25th birthday. It was a really last minute order but since I have time, I accept the order. 

Anyway, what's interesting with this order was, she wanted some of the cupcakes to have black frosting. Usually when people requested black, I'll recommend using chocolate ganache instead. So, as requested, I made black Swiss meringue buttercream for the topping. The texture is lighter than the normal buttercream because of the meringue (egg-white and sugar combination). I keep adding the color because it won't become black. Just dark gray. Afraid of having a foul tasted frosting, I kept back from adding the whole bottle of charcoal black and settled with the dark gray.

Black + White + Red cupcakes

Hi people,

Made these cupcakes a while ago but only now have the time to upload it.. As usual when customer order online and needed delivery service, I'll ask for the complete address and google map it since my phone is way low tech and my car does not has gps built in, as oppose to most cars in the USA and Europe. Moving on, on the day of delivery I was working. So after baring with hundreds or thousands other motorist, I manage to get home without having any new scratches (yupe, I'm the typical overconfident, quick-tempered and ill-patient driver), took the cupcakes, took the notebook (I've to tutor Java afterword) and drive while looking at the map. 

1st Anniversary Chocolate Cupcakes

1st Anniversary Chocolate Cupcakes with fondant and royal icing decoration made for a repeat customer that said, 'teringat2 cupcakes akak yg dulu time tempah for his birthday sedap sgt2!' in English: 'Thought of the cupcakes that I ordered for his birthday, so delicious!'

Cupcakes: Rich chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate topping

Dessert Buffet

I've always admire pictures of gorgeous dessert buffet in the blogs. From the first time I've stumbled onto those pictures, I wanted to create my own dessert buffet but never have the occasion to make one. So I'm thinking why not make it for other people. Yeah, why not? I sure can bake delicious goodies..and what I can't make I can always source out. I'm pretty sure I'm gifted to make the decor. So, if anyone would like me to do the honor of creating a fun and unique dessert table for your parties or events, please email at

For now, I leave you with this pretty eye candies...
 Photo from
 Photo from
Photo from

Raya Cookies by Dainty Cupcake - update

Most of the cookies are baked and delivered. Yeay! But still accepting last minute order. Oh and I would like y'all to know that you can order this cookies anytime of the year, maybe we can make cookies favors as well. Who knows? Aidilfitri is only one week from now, I can almost smell the rendang. Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri!

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Raya Cookies by Dainty Cupcake

Raya Cookies by Dainty Cupcake - Order now or...


Happy to share with you that I'd received a few orders already. But really hope that more orders will come by next Wednesday...People, my oven is BIG (for domestic use anyway ;p) and I have a room that I call THE BAKING ROOM. So, don't worry I can bake lots of cookies. So, come on and order more!

Happy Fasting all muslims...Don't eat too much during break-fast or you'll end up like my cat. Fat bellied and lazy... :)

Raya Cookies by Dainty Cupcake

1. London Almond Cookies - RM25 Almond cookies with roasted almond center, coated with chocolate and garnished with roasted almond nibs. 
2. Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies - RM23 Chocolate sandwich hazelnut cookies with chocolate drizzles. 
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM20 Cookies with heavenly taste of salty butter, taste better as they aged with super crunchy texture and sweet dark chocolate chips.

4. Double Choc Chip Cookies - RM20 Super crunchy chocolate cookies with sweet dark chocolate chips.
5. Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies - RM25 Chocoholic's dream cookies with 4 types of chocolate incorporated in the cookies: chocolate cookies with dark chocolate chips, rolled in chocolate rice, garnished with milk chocolate buttons.
6. Parmesan Shortbread (savoury) - RM25 Rare savoury cookies that mimic the recipe of shortbread but with generous amount of grated Parmesan and sprinkled with parsley. 

Raya Cookies a.k.a Kuih Raya

COOKIES! Who doesn't love them?! Cookies + Chocolate = Heaven Food on earth. I stumbled upon these great pictures from when I was looking for raya cookies inspiration. So, I was thinking this year I'll make chocolaty raya cookies to order. Still finding time to make the actual cookie samples. However, I've came up with the pre-order cookies menu.
1. London Almond Cookies - RM25
2. Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies - RM23
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM20
4. Double Choc Chip Cookies - RM20
5. Chocoholic Thumbprint Cookies - RM25
6. Parmesan Shortbread (savoury) - RM25

*Sample, hopefully will be ready by end of next week. If you wanna grab the free samples, do drop an e-mail. First come, first served!

3 tiers Wedding Cake

June has arrive and it's filled with beautiful weddings, blushing brides, nervous groom and excited wedding attendants. I made this cake a while ago but only now I have time to post it here. This very simple 3 tiers chocolate cake is covered with white chocolate. White chocolate because 1st, the bride dislike fondant and 2nd because it need to travel from KL to JB on a bumpy ride.

It was my first time doing 3 tiers cake and well covering a big cake with white chocolate is so hard for people without formal training like me. After a few tries, I figured that it would be easier to melt it, spread and cooled it on  parchment paper then cut to size and patch it up like making box.

The bride also requested cupcakes for wedding gives/ hantaran  /wedding dowry. Using the same color scheme;pink, I decorated the cupcakes with pink rose buds and little white and blue flowers. They was then put in a nice transparent box and prettied up with ribbons. The pictures aren't good because I only have my phone to take the pictures and lighting was bad. But still glad that I can share this with you guys.

More wedding cupcakes coming in tomorrow... :)

Black & White Wedding Cupcakes (Hataran)

Hello people! We've been lazy to take pictures and update our blog. So after much struggle, here is another picture of our work. Black & White themed wedding is quite popular lately. The cupcakes were chocolate and were meant for wedding dowry (hantaran). 9 large cupcakes fit nicely in a clear PVC box.

Carriage Roses / Butterfly Wedding (Hantaran) Cake

Girls usually dream on having a perfect wedding. A fairytale wedding is what most girls want. This cake I made was inspired from the famous fairytale associated with weddings; Cinderella. I was given a very short notice to make a wedding gives cake or kek hantaran in Bahasa Malaysia. The customer request for a cake with peach colored flowers to match the color scheme. Since no specific instructions were given, my mind went wild with creativity. I wanted to design something special and unique. I also wanted to differ from the common wedding/ hantaran cake design. After browsing the internet for inspirations, I finally came out with the initial sketch. However, I wasn't satisfies so I changed it again and again. 

It was decided that the cake would be covered with fondant icing. Eventually when the time ran out, I started decorating the cake. While putting the pieces together, I had another idea. Why not let the cake has 2 designs. 2 in 1, genius right. so instead of having 1 front, the cake had 2 fronts. Don't get it? Take a look at the pictures. You'll get the idea. The result, a unique and special wedding/ hantaran cake.

This was also my first timedoing scroll work with royal icing. I got it wrong first, the royal icing consistency was very thick that the icing bag leaked a few times with the pressure. But after thinned it for a bit, it was OK. Looking forward to do more practice on royal icing. 

I hope more people will order cake or cupcake with me. Challenge me with tricky designs. Specialty cake is my passion.

Ciao (^_^)