Dainty Cupcake @ KLGP Couture and Cuisine Festival - 28 & 29 March 2009

What happen when fashion and food collide? A Couture and Cuisine Festival, that's it! Dainty Cupcake will be at the KLGP Couture and Cuisine Festival on 28th and 29th March. The festival is actually a part of STYLO Fashion Grand Prix Week scheduled from 28th March to 5th April at the Lake Garden. The Designers list includes Tom Abang Saufi, Bill Keith,Michael Ong, Jendela KL, Khoon Hooi, Melinda Looi, Albert King and designers flown in from Madrid are Armaya Arzuaga, Agatha Ruiz, Angel Schlesser and Maria Lafuente. There will also be cooking demonstration by celebrity chef.

Dainty cupcake will be featuring something new during this event. We will be showcasing our couture cupcakes. Yes that's right, the couture part of the festival does not only means clothes, but they also include our Dainty Cupcakes. Do take this opportunity to ogle at our pretty and delicious cupcakes and make arrangements to order for your parties or weddings. Worry not, we will also sell cupcakes on the weekend itself to sweeten you guys. Check with us again for more updates.

* Utusan report on the upcoming event.
* The Star


Dainty Cupcake's Menu

Hey there! Here is our cupcake flavor's menu. They are the 6 flavors that KLites like the most. However if you would like to request any other flavor such as cheese or carrot cupcakes, feel free to let us know. The cupcake size is according to standard muffin pan size. Orders are to be made 7 days in advance. However if you are ordering for a hundred of cupcakes or more, please make the order at least 2 weeks earlier.

We also make Dainty Cupcake favors for parties and events. The cupcakes will be packed individually in cardboard boxes or domed clear plastic container. Decorated cupcake stands & clear boxes for gives are also available for rent and sell. Pictures and prices will be uploaded soon.

Our price may vary according to designs and quantity. Basically the more complex the design, the higher the price will be. We also are willing quote a lower price if you are making a large order of cupcakes. This however is subject to our discretion. As a guide, here are our estimated prices for cupcakes.

1. Dainty Cupcakes with Swiss meringue butter cream / ganache and sprinkles (optional)
* 9 cupcakes - RM 27.00 onwards
* 18 cupcakes - RM 52.00 onwards
* 100 cupcakes - RM 280.00 onwards

2. Dainty Cupcakes with
Swiss meringue butter cream / ganache & fondant / royal icing - RM 40.50
* 9 cupcakes - RM 40.50 onwards
* 18 cupcakes - RM 77.40 onwards
* 100 cupcakes - RM 400 onwards

We provide delivery service in Klang Valley area for a certain amount of fee. Please email us at dainty.cupcake@gmail.com for further enquiry or simply IM us using the Meebo gadget on the right-hand-side task bar.

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