Adidas Superstar Shoe Cake

As promised, here are the picture of the sneaker cake. I'm so tired because I didn't get any sleep last night, so I'm just going to post the picture. ;)

This is how it looked before fondant. The cake was actually vanilla butter cake with ganache. Since I didn't has enough time to freeze then carve, I've to carve what I can and pasted the mashed left-over crumbs and ganache to take the the shoe shape.

Oops the royal icing bled!

more picture?

Red Queen Wedding Cake

This is actually the reproduction of the Cinderella cake but when the client wanted to change the color scheme to white, red and black, I think the Red Queen inspired theme is more appropriate. So here is the result. The top cake is the cutting cake, which set on a steel 3 tier cake stand.

3 tier cake cupcake stand

3 tiers cake stand with black white and red theme. The top tier will be replace with a small cutting cake and the bottom two will be hold the cupcakes.. Kash, Farra, please don't worry. I always deliver.

Hi peeps,  here's a quick update. Receive 2 last minute order yesterday. One for a Cinderella cutting cake and wedding cupcakes for this SUNDAY and another for an Adidas superstar cake for TUESDAY. Yeah yeah i know I shouldn't complaint. Thank for the orders. Will post pics of the actual cakes :)

Gingerbread Man by Dainty Cupcake

Christmas is just around the corner, too bad we don't have snow in KL. Bought this gorgeous copper cookie cutter set last week. I actually wanted only the gingerbread-man shape, but the oversize ones were out of stock. So bought the expensive set instead.

Copper cookie cutters set.

Copper cookie cutters set.

See how the gingerbread-man turned out after the jump.

Yellow Butterfly Cake

Made this for my fiance's colleague's wedding.

4 layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with Italian meringue buttercream filling and crumb-coated. Covered with homemade chocolate-brown fondant and decorated with light yellow (creamish) gumpaste.

The butterflies won't dry and hardened so had to be creative and scatter the fondant balls so that they can lift the butterflies.

Sprinkles some gold sugar to give it whimsical look.

Italian Meringue Kisses

Italian Meringue by Dainty Cupcake
This is my first attempt in making the famous Italian Meringue. I was curious on the taste. Some say the texture is crunchy, light and melt in your mouth. I personally think it taste like cotton candy. Only better. But the downside would be, it took so long to dry and become crunchy and it smells of egg. But never the less, i like it very much but not sure if I'll make it again because of the long baking time.