Carriage Roses / Butterfly Wedding (Hantaran) Cake

Girls usually dream on having a perfect wedding. A fairytale wedding is what most girls want. This cake I made was inspired from the famous fairytale associated with weddings; Cinderella. I was given a very short notice to make a wedding gives cake or kek hantaran in Bahasa Malaysia. The customer request for a cake with peach colored flowers to match the color scheme. Since no specific instructions were given, my mind went wild with creativity. I wanted to design something special and unique. I also wanted to differ from the common wedding/ hantaran cake design. After browsing the internet for inspirations, I finally came out with the initial sketch. However, I wasn't satisfies so I changed it again and again. 

It was decided that the cake would be covered with fondant icing. Eventually when the time ran out, I started decorating the cake. While putting the pieces together, I had another idea. Why not let the cake has 2 designs. 2 in 1, genius right. so instead of having 1 front, the cake had 2 fronts. Don't get it? Take a look at the pictures. You'll get the idea. The result, a unique and special wedding/ hantaran cake.

This was also my first timedoing scroll work with royal icing. I got it wrong first, the royal icing consistency was very thick that the icing bag leaked a few times with the pressure. But after thinned it for a bit, it was OK. Looking forward to do more practice on royal icing. 

I hope more people will order cake or cupcake with me. Challenge me with tricky designs. Specialty cake is my passion.

Ciao (^_^)

Honda HSV-010 GT Model (Gumpaste Car) - So We tried

Last week one customer emailed me to order a car themed cake for her boyfriend's birthday. It was a very last minute order. Usually I don't do last minute order, but hate to disappoint her since  she was ditched  by another baker. As the saying goes, one man trash is another man treasure..erk not sure if that applied here but you got the idea. So 22 emails later, we agreed on the design. Here is the full view of the final result.

I was trying to make a gumpaste car using pictures from JONSIBAL blog. It's a Honda. But lack of tools meant lack of details. So instead of looking very sporty and stylish, it looks cute. ;P Oh and don't forget the cake. It was 10" rich dark chocolate cake filled and covered with creamy chocolate ganache and sprinkles with chocolate rice. Cute cakes mean nothing if it taste awful. I was happy to receive a text from the customer and I quote "Thanks for d cake! It's delicious! Everyone loved it! Thanks! ;)"

Gumpaste Car - Top View

Gumpaste Car - Front View

Gumpaste Car - Left View

Gumpaste Car - Rear View

Gumpaste Car - Left View

If you would like to order a cake or cupcakes like this please email us at We also can make other design to suite your taste and budget (^_^)

Gold & Red Hantaran(Wedding) Cake

It's been a while since the last post. And yes we're still here. This was our latest project, a gold and red themed hantaran(wedding) cake. The cake was red velvet filled and crumb-coated with cream cheese frosting. I don't exactly know how to describe the taste. So, for those who does not know what a red velvet cake is, here is the wiki definition. A great recipe from is also available here. The cake was covered with fondant and decorated with fondant ribbon. This is actually our first try to cover a whole cake with fondant. Before this we only did cupcakes. Anyway, it's an OK job. We then, decorate the cake with small gold dragees or gold sugar beads. It's a very hard job when you have to punch a hole and place the dragees one by one and using no template, we tried our best to arrange them as neat as possible. Maybe the result would be better if we only need to piped the dots using royal icing, but then the dots wouldn't look as golden as in the picture.

We then arranged fresh roses on top of the cake. The original idea was to use gumpaste roses, but since the gumpaste roses weren't red enough, hence the fresh roses took place. So there you are, our first wholly fondant covered cake. If you don't look too closely it'll look beautiful, elegant and perfect. So if you're still searching for someone to make a pretty custom cake, look no further. Email us at and we'll be glad to design and make your cake.