Diyana Azman - Designer and baker, Dainty Cupcake.

About me...

I always like baking and cooking. I have to say that my talents come from my family. I also like making crafts. Combining all this, with my business-minded nature, Dainty Cupcake was founded. At first it was just for fun. I saw pretty cupcakes on flickr and decided to try my hands on it and the rest was history. Dainty Cupcake is a part-time business, I still keep my day job as a java developer. So that's why you need to give me advance notice if you want to order from me. The longer the better :)

About my cupcakes and more...

Have you ever buy cakes just because they look tempting and delicious but only to be disappointed because the taste is not what you expected? Well, I believe in my cupcakes, I always make sure my cupcakes will taste as good as they look. Same goes to everything else that I bake. Every confections is made from scratch, using only good quality halal ingredients.

Dainty Cupcake's cupcakes, cakes and other heat sensitive goods are currently available in Klang Valley areas only. We are looking forward to accept cookies orders from all over Malaysia. Delivery will sometimes be provided but self pick-ups are most welcome :)

Sweet Regards,