Chocolate Chip Cookies

FUN FACT: Dainty Cupcake chocolate chip cookies will taste better on the next day. The cookies will aged a bit and you can really taste the butter. I discover this a few years back. It was a pleasant surprise :)
Don't they look good? So tempting! Chocolate chip cookies by Dainty Cupcake

If you ask me, a house without cookie, is not a home. I like baking cause it made my home smells good.

You can order Dainty Cupcake's chocolate chip cookies all year long. 

Dainty Cupcake's chocolate chip cookies are egg free. So those on high-protein diet, you can forget your diet and just enjoy these cookies! Be happy with it :)

Dainty Cupcake's chocolate chip cookies are not too sweet. So those who prefers their cookies not too sweet, this would be a plus. It's crispy. You can also customize your chocolate chip cookies by adding nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashew, etc. And you definetely can ask for hershey's milk chocolate chips. It taste better but it's pricier :(

Dainty Cupcake also has another version which is Double Chocolate Chip cookies. I don't know which one is my favorite. Can it be both?

If you have a special occasion and you want to share Dainty Cupcake's cookies, you can request fun size packs and make Dainty Cupcake's cookies as doorgift or favors. You can also order these in bulk and pack them yourself. I know some people still practice budaya rewang for Malay weddings.

How to order:

You can email at dainty.cupcake[at] or you can whatsapp at +6016-3961913

Have a nice day!