To Stay Or Not To Stay

Hello guys. First of all we would like to thank all of you who've been buying our cupcakes and reading our blog. As you know, Dainty Cupcake was born about a year ago. It's just a small thing, baking and decorating cupcakes at home and joining the odd bazaars. We've open a small cupcake cart in Sungei Wang about a month and a week ago. The lease is for 2 months only. We were, or we are testing the market for selling cupcakes in a mall. Sadly though, the sales are not as expected. It barely cover the cost, we are selling the cupcakes with very low price anyway when we should charge more. Although we have some repeat customers to prove that our cupcakes are delicious, we are discourage to renew our lease for it would not be a good business move.

So, we regret to say that our cart will only open until mid January. But afraid not, for we will still accept orders online. With delivery service provided of course. We also hope that with more time available in our schedule, more order for custom cupcakes or cakes will come our way. We'll also use this time to design more awesome cupcakes & cakes. So, do keep reading our blog for more confectionery arts. When the time comes, maybe we'll open another shop so that you can have our cupcakes whenever you feels like it.

Until then, 'Bon appetit', Julia Child in Julie & Julia ;)

Today's Special - Bunny's Fav Cupcake

Today's Special - Bunny's Fav. What? Carrot almond cake with cream cheese frosting. Not only carrot good for your eyes, it is also good for your skin. The not so sweet cupcake and high in fiber is a smart choice of dessert. The price? RM2.60 each only!!!! Go grab your Bunny's Fav cupcakes at our shop @ Concourse level, Sungei Wang Plaza *Near Giant below Parkson

Wedding Cupcakes - Pink Roses And Purple Lace

This is the most recent wedding gives cupcakes (hantaran perkahwinan) that we made. We are actually quite proud of it. The order was made base on a picture given by the customer. She wanted purple lace as the base and topped with pink roses. It was not a perfect copy of the original design since we don't feel too good being a copycat ;P Centerpiece was made using 4 cupcakes gathered under the larger fondant lace and surrounded with single cupcakes.

Wedding Cupcakes - Chocolate & Red Roses

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and a 7 red fondant ribbon roses to resemble a bouquet of roses made for wedding gives (hantaran). It's actually quite tricky to deliver since the cream was soft and the roses were heavy. We're going to use royal icing next time to avoid another cupcake mishap.

Tuesday - "Lil' Bit Of Fun" Cupcake

Today's Special - Lil' Bit Of Fun. What? Chocolate chip cupcake that was made using chocolate chips that melted in the heat and clumped together so that they can't be call chocolate chips. Todays Lil' Bit Of Fun cupcakes was made using chocolate chunks! with yummy vanilla buttercream frosting and dots of milk chocolates! Come to our shop and get it and experience a 'Lil' Bit Of Fun' on boring Tuesday...

The Story Behind Dainty Cupcake

Dainty Cupcake was founded by a young lady who enjoys creating pretty things. Baking is one of her passion. She made her first cake when she was only 10 years old! Without attending any formal school for pastry or culinary art, she managed to improvise her baking and decorating skills through a much enjoyable learning process. Baking for friends and family fuel her ambition to open her own bake shop. Who would have thought that an IT grad has the creativity and talent to decorate cakes. Today, the dream of opening her own shop has became true.

Dainty Cupcake believes in providing not only good looking cupcakes and cakes, but also delicious. We would like to emphasize that Dainty Cupcake only use HALAL ingredients.

Cupcake Girl Wanted

Hey you guys. Dainty Cupcake first cupcake cart will open on the 17th November 2009 as scheduled. We doing the final preparations. Hope to see you guys soon! As previous post, you can see that we've cut down our price to RM2.60 per cupcakes. We did this because we would like to make great cupcakes that not just tasty but affordable as well. This way, you can eat more cupcakes! Anyway cupcakes will make you happy. We have 12 different flavors for you cupcake lovers, however only 5 flavors (Pretty White, Chocoholic, Banana Split, Berrylicious, Say Cheese) will available on daily basis. The other 7 Cupcake will only available on certain day of the week. Please refer to the menu for more information.

There's more! Cupcakes are meant to be personalized. So at Dainty Cupcake cart, you can purchase cupcake and then decorate it yourself with any of the decorations available there; with the help of our staff of course. Have fun designing your own cupcakes!!

With the opening, human resource matter do come in view. We are still deciding whether we would like to hire a part-time help. Well we'll see how thing goes. We made a wanted ad just for fun. Have a look.

So, that's all for now. Catch up with you guys later.

Dainty Cupcake
p/s: The picture was copied somewhere from the internet. Credit to the illustrator (^_^)

Dainty Cupcake Jewelery

Dainty Cupcake now has its own line of super cute miniature cupcake jeweleries. All jeweleries are hand-made and so each piece is unique. Cupcake charms are made from the finest quality of polymer clay to ensure quality and durability. Metal parts are nickel free. If you have trouble viewing the slide show, please view our Dainty Cupcake Jewelery album at flickr page.

Graduation Cupcakes

Graduation Cupcake with scroll, apple and signs details.

I'd made these cupcake last 2 weeks. They were ordered by an old friend for her graduation day. The main idea was to present pretty delicious cupcakes to her friends during the graduation ceremony. So I designed and made the cupcakes, all 20 of them. But sadly, she never had the chance to pick the cupcakes and my tries to deliver them also failed because she didn't answer her phone("why? why??"). I kept the cupcake for about a week. Can't put them in the fridge since the decorations will be damaged due to condensation. So after a week, still no news, I'd to do a very sad thing...threw them away. I hope I don't have to do that again.

CELCOM S.O.X. March and Cheer Competition 2009

Date :
August 15, 2009
Time : 9:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: Stadium Badminton Cheras (nearby Maluri LRT Station/ opposite Courts Mammoth)
Participating Schools: click here

We've been shying from public events for quite sometime but this Saturday we'll join the crowd again for the S.O.X. March and Cheer Competition 2009.

Kicking off with the first installment, S.O.X. All-Stars March and Cheer is Malaysia’s first and biggest marching band and cheer dance competition.

It will be carried out in 2 categories, the Marching Band and Cheer Dance. Hurry, get your pompoms and brass ready and come show us whether you’ve got what it takes to be the champions.

Dainty Cupcake will be there to feed cupcakes to you all sweet kids. So be sure to stop by at our pink cupcake stall!

There will be performances by Caprice, Pesawat, Liyana Jasmay, One Nation Emcee, Gerhana Ska Cinta, Extreme Malaysia All Stars (E.M.A.S) Cheerleading Squad and White Percussionists from ASWARA.

Get into the excitement of The Championship with a cheerleading competition and a drum jamming session. Plus join in the fun with funfair game stalls, Celebrity Dunk, Bijou Bazaar, face painting and tattoos are going to be running throughout the day.

Plus, workshops on drumming, make-up and Capoiera are also in store!

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Dainty Cupcake selling cookies?

It's true! Dainty Cupcake will accept order for Raya Cookies 1 week before Ramadhan until 8th Ramadhan. Samples will be distributed to the lucky ones. But worry not, you can just email us to request for samples, however you have to self pick-up. Come back soon for updates!

p/s: Our cookies are made with Halal ingredients and some are egg-free.

Click picture for larger view.
Klik gambar untuk paparan besar.

Betul tu ! Dainty Cupcake akan membuka tempahan untuk kuih / biskut raya seminggu sebelum puasa sehingga 8 Ramadhan. Sampel kuih raya akan diedarkan kepada anda yang bertuah. Tetapi jangan risau, anda juga boleh hantarkan email kepada kami untuk memohon sampel kuih raya. Penghantaran tidak disediakan untuk sampel. Lawati Dainty Cupcake lagi untuk perkembangan terkini.

p/s: Kuih Raya kami dibuat menggunakan ramuan Halal dan sesetengah kuih raya tidak menggunakan telur.

Sweeten Your Special Day with Dainty Cupcake~

Boxed cupcakes (12nos) - starts from RM46.

Weddings are suppose to be a very special day. So why not, make it more special with Dainty Cupcake? Our cupcakes are highly customized so that you can have a unique cupcake design that will match your wedding theme. From wedding cupcakes tower to favors to wedding gives (hantaran/ dowry), Dainty Cupcake can cater pretty cupcakes that will taste as good as they look. Email us today for more info.

Cupcake Favors - Cupcakes in silver windowed boxes. Price starts from RM3.00 each.

Cupcake Tower - Cupcakes starts from RM3.00 each. Cupcake display rental starts from RM100.

Boxed cupcakes (12nos) - starts from RM46.

Flavours and Pricing

Cupcake Flavours
Pretty White Vanilla butter cake with Vanilla buttercream
Not So Cheesy Vanilla butter cake with Cream Cheese frosting
Chocoholic Fluffy Chocolate cake with Chocolate ganache
Chocolate & Cream Fluffy Chocolate cake with Vanilla buttercream
Little Bit of Fun Chocolate chip cake with Vanilla buttercream
Banana Split Banana butter cake with Banana buttercream
Oh Mocha! Coffee butter cake with Chocolate Ganache
The Daily Fix Coffee butter cake with Coffee butter cream
Red Diva Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting
Berrylicious Strawberry cake with Vanilla butter cream and Blueberry Sauce
Bunny's Fav Carrot cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Say Cheese! Cheese cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


Butter cream / Swiss meringue butter cream – vanilla, chocolate, berry, espresso, lemon, orange, mango, coconut, caramel
American Meringue
Chocolate ganache
Rolled Fondant
Royal Icing


There are a huge variety of decorations available to best compliment your cupcake choice. Cupcakes can be individualized and decorated in unique designs that appeal to your taste.

Orders & Pricing
Cupcake order is always welcome. You can pre-order cupcakes 1 day in advance or if custom decoration is needed, then please place your order 1 week before pick-up/delivery date. Basic cupcakes start at RM3/cupcake (large) & RM2.60/cupcake (regular). Custom decorated cupcakes will be the large size and range in price from RM3-8/cupcake depending on the complexity of the decoration.
Decorated cupcake towers are available for rent and sale. Rental & Selling price starting from RM25-100/tower.

Dainty Cupcake - Celebration Cupcakes

Throwing a birthday party sometime soon? Why not order
Dainty Cupcake's cupcakes for the special day. Price starts from RM27.00 onwards.

Dainty Cupcakes are suitable for all occasion. Be it celebrating a friend's
new job, engagement party, office party, and so on. The look and taste
of Dainty Cupcake will make you find any excuse just to have them.

Monogram Cupcake

Monogram cupcake for a girl's baby shower.
Strawberry cupcake topped with baby pink royal icing and decorated
with the first initial of the baby's name, made out of fondant.

The cupcakes were packaged in clear plastic and tied
with satin ribbons. The favors were customized with a
printed tag, showing the date, event and the baby's name.

Monogram Cupcake favors stacked in basket, made them
look pretty and cute. The guests can't help but took an
extra cupcake for themselves.

If you're interested in ordering cupcake favors, please do not hesitate to email us at
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Dainty Cupcake Favors

Are you getting married? Having a birthday bash?? Throwing a party? Looking for custom cupcakes to sell at your cafe? Well, Dainty Cupcake is perfect for you. We are having a promotion for cupcake favors. A set of mini cupcakes for as low as RM2.00 only. Click here to see the designs.

Mini Cupcake

Large Cupcake


Buttercream / Ganache



Fondant & Royal Icing




Card board (large single, square)


Clear (large, single, domed)


Clear (small, single, square)


Clear (small, double, domed square)

































For more info, e-mail us at

Dainty Cupcake @ Bukit Nanas Monorail Station

Cupcakes took the back seat on the ride to
Bukit Nanas Monorail Station. Wore seat-belt for safety ;p.
Wearing seat-belts are now compulsory for back-seat
passenger. If not kene saman woo...

Hey guys,

It's been a while since the last post. Pardon us for the silence. But, we have news for cupcake lovers. Dainty Cupcake is now available at Bukit Nanas Monorail Station. It's a baby step...experimenting on retailing. Our cupcakes are now selling at Daily convenience store @ Bukit Nanas Monorail Station. For the time being, only selected flavors are available in small quantity. When and hopefully if the sale pick-up, we will make more cupcake flavors available on the shelf.

Cupcake storing instructions: Cupcakes should be keep away from direct sunlight.
  1. Keep at room temperature for 1 week; or
  2. Refrigerate up to 2 weeks; or
  3. Freeze in air-tight container for months. Thaw at room temperature in the container for 20-30 minutes. Do not microwave or you'll get sad :( looking cupcake with the cream melted or disappear..
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Dainty Cupcake - Elegant Cupcake Display

Who says that cupcakes are childish and always look cute?? This 2 cupcakes are the prove that cupcakes can be elegant and sophisticated. Smart fondant tuxedo, dainty fondant dress with pearl strand are a great mix for an elegant dessert either at a wedding reception or a formal party.

To match the cupcakes, you can display them on a cupcake tower that spells sophistication and style. This stand is decorated with black and silver ribbons, Suitable for black-tie affairs. The stand can also be customized according to your preferences. Price: RM25.00. Can fit up to 19 cupcakes.

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Dainty Cupcake - Boxed Cupcakes

Individually boxed cupcakes. Price as low as RM2.50* each.

It's April, and it's a few months away from wedding's month during the school break. If you're the lucky bride-to-be and haven't decided what to give as favors, then think no more. Cupcakes are so the IN thing to give! Dainty Cupcake offer cupcake favors in individually box with a see-through window so that guests can see their pretty cupcakes inside. What's more, the cupcakes can be customized either to match your theme color, feature initials of the couple, or decorated with your favourite design. It's you choice and it is our job to make it as you wish.

Nicely boxed cupcakes, suitable for presents or wedding gives-hantaran.
4 cupcakes covered with fondant and topped with wibbon roses.
Pre-packed in clear domed cases before placed in clear box and tied with
ribbons. Priced at RM30/set.

Cupcake favors are also suitable for any other event other than wedding receptions. They can be for office party, bridal showers, formal events, launching parties and so on. Cupcakes can also be packaged in a box of 6 for example to give away to clients during festive seasons such as Hari Raya or Xmas.

The best thing is, these cute tasty treats for your guests are not expensive. The price for a boxed single cupcake starts from as low as RM2.50*.

*Price is subject to order quantity and complexity of cupcake design. Extra charge may be applied for custom boxes.

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Dainty Cupcake @ KLGP Couture and Cuisine Festival - 28 & 29 March 2009

What happen when fashion and food collide? A Couture and Cuisine Festival, that's it! Dainty Cupcake will be at the KLGP Couture and Cuisine Festival on 28th and 29th March. The festival is actually a part of STYLO Fashion Grand Prix Week scheduled from 28th March to 5th April at the Lake Garden. The Designers list includes Tom Abang Saufi, Bill Keith,Michael Ong, Jendela KL, Khoon Hooi, Melinda Looi, Albert King and designers flown in from Madrid are Armaya Arzuaga, Agatha Ruiz, Angel Schlesser and Maria Lafuente. There will also be cooking demonstration by celebrity chef.

Dainty cupcake will be featuring something new during this event. We will be showcasing our couture cupcakes. Yes that's right, the couture part of the festival does not only means clothes, but they also include our Dainty Cupcakes. Do take this opportunity to ogle at our pretty and delicious cupcakes and make arrangements to order for your parties or weddings. Worry not, we will also sell cupcakes on the weekend itself to sweeten you guys. Check with us again for more updates.

* Utusan report on the upcoming event.
* The Star


Dainty Cupcake's Menu

Hey there! Here is our cupcake flavor's menu. They are the 6 flavors that KLites like the most. However if you would like to request any other flavor such as cheese or carrot cupcakes, feel free to let us know. The cupcake size is according to standard muffin pan size. Orders are to be made 7 days in advance. However if you are ordering for a hundred of cupcakes or more, please make the order at least 2 weeks earlier.

We also make Dainty Cupcake favors for parties and events. The cupcakes will be packed individually in cardboard boxes or domed clear plastic container. Decorated cupcake stands & clear boxes for gives are also available for rent and sell. Pictures and prices will be uploaded soon.

Our price may vary according to designs and quantity. Basically the more complex the design, the higher the price will be. We also are willing quote a lower price if you are making a large order of cupcakes. This however is subject to our discretion. As a guide, here are our estimated prices for cupcakes.

1. Dainty Cupcakes with Swiss meringue butter cream / ganache and sprinkles (optional)
* 9 cupcakes - RM 27.00 onwards
* 18 cupcakes - RM 52.00 onwards
* 100 cupcakes - RM 280.00 onwards

2. Dainty Cupcakes with
Swiss meringue butter cream / ganache & fondant / royal icing - RM 40.50
* 9 cupcakes - RM 40.50 onwards
* 18 cupcakes - RM 77.40 onwards
* 100 cupcakes - RM 400 onwards

We provide delivery service in Klang Valley area for a certain amount of fee. Please email us at for further enquiry or simply IM us using the Meebo gadget on the right-hand-side task bar.

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Cute Bowling Themed Cupcakes

Banana flavored cupcakes with banana butter cream,
chocolate bowling ball and fondant bowling pin

We made and order of bowling themed cupcakes sometime last week. The result looked cute and taste good. We are actually proud of the fondant decorations, since we made the fondant ourselves from scratch. Well, we actually had made fondant previously but since we didn't manage to find all the exact ingredients, the fondant turned out to taste not so good and crumbly thus difficult to work with. But last week , for the first time, we manage to sourced all the ingredients that make good rolled fondant. Yes that's right, our cupcakes use quality ingredients and 100% homemade. No cheating.

Photos of Dainty Cupcake (formerly known as D's Cupcakes) @ KLPac Open Day

Yes, yes we know it's old news. But we don't care, we still want to upload the pictures from last event @ KLPac Open Day. They're not great pictures but enough to show you our booth that day. Cute ~(*_^)~

This was our handmade, self-designed signboard with DIY stand.
Yupe, we were very creative in investing our funds in good ingredients instead of other things.

These are Zetsy Orange cupcakes arranged on DIY tray. Pretty, huh? ;P
Did we mentioned that we made the card holder ourselves? (^_^)
There was a cute little boy that insisted his mom to buy the card holder.

Chocolate cupcake + chocolate granache + sugar hearts decoration = Chocoholic cupcakes!
Chocoholic was the fastest selling cupcakes that day.

You see that guy wearing a green shirt in the back ground? He's Noah like
the Noah Ark. He sold pictures that he took while living in some remote
village in the rain forest.Those 2 people looking at the camera were force to
pose for whoever behind the camera ;p

Come And Meet Us Again @ SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara
2.00pm - 10.00pm, Sunday 15th February