Dainty Cupcake - Boxed Cupcakes

Individually boxed cupcakes. Price as low as RM2.50* each.

It's April, and it's a few months away from wedding's month during the school break. If you're the lucky bride-to-be and haven't decided what to give as favors, then think no more. Cupcakes are so the IN thing to give! Dainty Cupcake offer cupcake favors in individually box with a see-through window so that guests can see their pretty cupcakes inside. What's more, the cupcakes can be customized either to match your theme color, feature initials of the couple, or decorated with your favourite design. It's you choice and it is our job to make it as you wish.

Nicely boxed cupcakes, suitable for presents or wedding gives-hantaran.
4 cupcakes covered with fondant and topped with wibbon roses.
Pre-packed in clear domed cases before placed in clear box and tied with
ribbons. Priced at RM30/set.

Cupcake favors are also suitable for any other event other than wedding receptions. They can be for office party, bridal showers, formal events, launching parties and so on. Cupcakes can also be packaged in a box of 6 for example to give away to clients during festive seasons such as Hari Raya or Xmas.

The best thing is, these cute tasty treats for your guests are not expensive. The price for a boxed single cupcake starts from as low as RM2.50*.

*Price is subject to order quantity and complexity of cupcake design. Extra charge may be applied for custom boxes.

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