Penguin Cake

Penguins and igloo cake - 5 penguins are looking for their 6th member, hiding at the bottom of the cake :)
Has it snowed yet? Well, we in Kuala Lumpur only have 2 seasons:dry and rain ;p. Anyway, browsing through flickr, I suddenly remembered that I'd made penguins and igloo cake for my brother. This was a few years back when I was just starting my hands on cake decorating. I think this cake may fit for a Christmas party. If anyone wants to order it, do email me. We also have decorated Christmas themed cookies for you to order. Don't be shy to ask about them!

Christmas Cookies Sneak Peek!

Decorated Butter Cookies for Christmas
Hi peeps!

Loving the result of my current project: royal icing cookies. My arms and neck are still sore from decorating these lovely cookies. Do you know that I have to use tweezers to put those little silver and gold dragées? Well, will update the cookie page next week so that you can order them in time for Christmas.

Decorated cookies are not limited for Christmas but can also be made into other theme. You can order or request decorated cookies for hantaran, weddings, birthdays and any other special occasions. Just email us the details and we'll make them for you :)

Marshmallow pops - you can now order from Dainty Cupcake blog!


Hey, so today we've completed the Candies page. Same like the Cookies page, now you can purchase our fluffy homemade marshmallow straight from our blog. Just add items to your cart and check out. Super simple! Come on and order your marshmallow today. To start buying go to  Candies page.

Marshmallow pops

Marshmallow hearts

Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

So here are the moist chocolate cupcakes that I made for Raya Haji. The cupcakes did not have smooth top, but after dipping in chocolate...well.. See for yourself. I put little blue flowers on top of them and add some edible bling bling :) In case you wanna order, it is RM56 for 16 cupcakes. Just email the order to dainty.cupcake[at]

Moist Chocolate Cupcake - "We love the dripping chocolate ganache"

RM56 for 16 super moist and fluffy chocolate cupcakes.