Peach Cake

Carrot cake decorated with a very simple design using whipped cream and peach rose

Carrot cake decorated with a very simple design using whipped cream and peach rose

Pink Roses Cake - Vanilla Cake With Blueberry Filling

Made an extra batch of vanilla cake and fill with blueberry pie filling with leftover whipped cream. A reproduction of my wedding cake :)

Pink Roses Cake - Vanilla Cake With Blueberry Filling

Pink Roses Cake - Vanilla Cake With Blueberry Filling

Pink Roses Cake - Vanilla Cake With Blueberry Filling: A slice of heaven :)

Penguin Cake

Penguins and igloo cake - 5 penguins are looking for their 6th member, hiding at the bottom of the cake :)
Has it snowed yet? Well, we in Kuala Lumpur only have 2 seasons:dry and rain ;p. Anyway, browsing through flickr, I suddenly remembered that I'd made penguins and igloo cake for my brother. This was a few years back when I was just starting my hands on cake decorating. I think this cake may fit for a Christmas party. If anyone wants to order it, do email me. We also have decorated Christmas themed cookies for you to order. Don't be shy to ask about them!

Christmas Cookies Sneak Peek!

Decorated Butter Cookies for Christmas
Hi peeps!

Loving the result of my current project: royal icing cookies. My arms and neck are still sore from decorating these lovely cookies. Do you know that I have to use tweezers to put those little silver and gold dragées? Well, will update the cookie page next week so that you can order them in time for Christmas.

Decorated cookies are not limited for Christmas but can also be made into other theme. You can order or request decorated cookies for hantaran, weddings, birthdays and any other special occasions. Just email us the details and we'll make them for you :)

Marshmallow pops - you can now order from Dainty Cupcake blog!


Hey, so today we've completed the Candies page. Same like the Cookies page, now you can purchase our fluffy homemade marshmallow straight from our blog. Just add items to your cart and check out. Super simple! Come on and order your marshmallow today. To start buying go to  Candies page.

Marshmallow pops

Marshmallow hearts

Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

So here are the moist chocolate cupcakes that I made for Raya Haji. The cupcakes did not have smooth top, but after dipping in chocolate...well.. See for yourself. I put little blue flowers on top of them and add some edible bling bling :) In case you wanna order, it is RM56 for 16 cupcakes. Just email the order to dainty.cupcake[at]

Moist Chocolate Cupcake - "We love the dripping chocolate ganache"

RM56 for 16 super moist and fluffy chocolate cupcakes.

Cupcake Favors / Cupcake Doorgifts

Buttercream cupcakes with sweet and simple designs - RM1.50 each*

Chocolate topped / royal icing / fondant cupcakes with simple yet elegant designs - RM2.50 each*
Butter cupcakes are used for these favors. Choices of flavors**:
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Coffee
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
Please email for orders and inquiries to dainty.cupcake[at]

*Prices stated are for minimum order of 1000 cupcakes inclusive of plastic packaging with ribbons and small tags. Delivery within Klang Valley will be provided for free. Please ask for delivery to any other areas. Orders must be made 1 month in advance. Full advance payment is required as order confirmation. You can choose to have maximum of 2 designs for the cupcakes.

**You can choose to have a maximum of 4 flavors for the cupcakes

Chewy Rice Pops Treats

Hello! Kind of lazy to update the blog :) and finally making an effort. I've been eying the recipe for a while now and been thinking of doing it. Since I had some leftover marshmallow and chocolate from an order last weekend, I finally made chewy rice pops treats.. Since I'd some almond flakes lying around in the storage bin, I added some for extra crunch and protein :). Enjoy the pictures. Please email for order inquiry.

Chewy Rice Pops Treats squares

Chewy Rice Pops Treats

Chewy Rice Pops Treats squares

Chewy Rice Pops Treats before cutting

Rice pops, marshmallow, butter, chocolate, almond flakes

Meringue Cones and Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops - drying after being drizzled with white chocolate
Marshmallow Pops - packed and ready to deliver.

These cute little candies that look like ice cream are actually meringue cones. Meringue kisses or meringue candies are made from a combination of egg white, sugar and glucose or corn syrup. They went through a drying process in a low temperature oven that took from 5 to 8 hours depending on the weather. Assembling is easy but packing them individually in plastic could be tricky, especially if the weather is humid and they get sticky so fast that I wish I never have to make them anymore. The taste however is divine. They taste like crunchy cotton candy. But if you had the misfortune of eating a stale candy, it will taste like chewing sweeten polystyrene.

Raya Cookies 2011 - Kuih Raya 2011

Hi peeps!

We aim to sell more raya cookies this year. So orders are welcome. Delivery will be available for Gombak, Selayang, Kepong, PJ, Shah Alam and Cyberjaya areas. Free delivery for any order totaling more than RM100. We will also provide shipping service using Poslaju Malaysia. So grab this chance and order homemade quality assured raya cookies from Dainty Cupcake. Closing date for raya cookies 2011 is on 01/08/2011.

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes - Fresh Red Roses Cutting Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes

Didn't get great pictures. Sorry guys.
So this was the wedding cake and cupcakes for the Port Dickson's wedding. The bride was easy to deal with. I hope she liked the cake. Anyway, the cutting cake was red velvet as well as the cupcakes. Bought the fresh roses the night before the delivery in a panic time-constrained situation. The cupcake tower was made with polystyrene and covered with gold crepe paper since the theme was maroon and gold.

The guests received individually transparent boxed cupcakes with choices of vanilla or red velvet. I was baking and decorating and packaging the cakes all by myself. A very labor intensive work but worth the effort. So if you guys would like to order something like this, please order months in advance so that I can prepare materials in calm and orderly manner :)

French Macaroon - Updated

This lovely French macaroon is light, crunchy when you bite it, then melt in your mouth.
I often see gorgeous pictures of macaroon in the internet. The petite dessert is cute to look at. You can find it in every color of the rainbow and the flavors.....?! So many choices to choose from. French macaroon is not something that you can find easily in Malaysia, some places sell it but for RM2.50 each? I guess that's why French macaroon is becoming popular with the home bakers in Malaysia. I've been eying the cute macaroon (although some argue that it should be spell macaron, I beg to differ because I got a recipe book of cake, desserts, pastries and it spelled macaroon not macaron.) for a while now, finally I decide to bake it last night.

Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow pops: Chocolate coated marshmallow pops. Color can be customized to your liking.
Order today to get your own homemade fluffy marshmallow pops. Size is 1 inch x 3 inches x 1/8 inch. Marshmallow pops are great for parties and showers. Our marshmallows are homemade and thus fluffier than the supermarket version. Please pre-order 1 week before pick-up or delivery time. For bulk orders, please contact us. We can be reach by email, dainty.cupcake[at]

Heart: Food for Two - not the usual Dainty Cupcake or valentine's entry


I know that I've been neglecting the blog. Not for the lack of cakes and cupcakes but for the lack of good health. Besides I'm a bit occupied with the wedding preparations. Anyway, as everyone knows, valentine's day is just around the corner. Although I'm not super excited to celebrate it (*what?! me and my fiance prefer to choose our own date for something extra special ;p), I feel obligated to create a post for it. 

*This is a stray foodie's post and not related to cakes, cupcakes, cookies and all thing sweet. or maybe just one..*

Made these heart shape dishes long time ago. Enjoy!

Heart shape Sweet Cheddar French Toasts served with Grapes. Suitable for a healthy breakfast. A little bit of fiber + protein + vitamins; perfect to replenish lost energy. *wink wink* 

Saute green beans, celery and heart shaped carrots. Served with rice for lunch.

Easy to make chocolate hearts. Melt dark chocolate and pipe in the shape of heart. Fabulous garnish for dessert for two :)

Mr Love Fish. Sweet and sour fish garnished with red-heart-chilli-cut-out.

Eggy snack: Scrambled eggs heart sandwich garnish with red-heart-chilli-cut-out.

Cupcakes And Earings

Hi peeps!

I had an idea few days ago. It's an idea for presents. A while back, I'd post pictures of miniature cupcakes jeweleries. How cute would it be to present someone with not just cupcakes, but the miniature as well? I mean, people often say that the cupcakes are too cute to eat, so why not, have some to eat and have some to look at.

Just look at this earrings. You know what I mean...
Best quality polymer clay cupcakes earrings with sterling silver hook.