Wedding Cake and Cupcakes - Fresh Red Roses Cutting Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes

Didn't get great pictures. Sorry guys.
So this was the wedding cake and cupcakes for the Port Dickson's wedding. The bride was easy to deal with. I hope she liked the cake. Anyway, the cutting cake was red velvet as well as the cupcakes. Bought the fresh roses the night before the delivery in a panic time-constrained situation. The cupcake tower was made with polystyrene and covered with gold crepe paper since the theme was maroon and gold.

The guests received individually transparent boxed cupcakes with choices of vanilla or red velvet. I was baking and decorating and packaging the cakes all by myself. A very labor intensive work but worth the effort. So if you guys would like to order something like this, please order months in advance so that I can prepare materials in calm and orderly manner :)