The Story Behind Dainty Cupcake

Dainty Cupcake was founded by a young lady who enjoys creating pretty things. Baking is one of her passion. She made her first cake when she was only 10 years old! Without attending any formal school for pastry or culinary art, she managed to improvise her baking and decorating skills through a much enjoyable learning process. Baking for friends and family fuel her ambition to open her own bake shop. Who would have thought that an IT grad has the creativity and talent to decorate cakes. Today, the dream of opening her own shop has became true.

Dainty Cupcake believes in providing not only good looking cupcakes and cakes, but also delicious. We would like to emphasize that Dainty Cupcake only use HALAL ingredients.

Cupcake Girl Wanted

Hey you guys. Dainty Cupcake first cupcake cart will open on the 17th November 2009 as scheduled. We doing the final preparations. Hope to see you guys soon! As previous post, you can see that we've cut down our price to RM2.60 per cupcakes. We did this because we would like to make great cupcakes that not just tasty but affordable as well. This way, you can eat more cupcakes! Anyway cupcakes will make you happy. We have 12 different flavors for you cupcake lovers, however only 5 flavors (Pretty White, Chocoholic, Banana Split, Berrylicious, Say Cheese) will available on daily basis. The other 7 Cupcake will only available on certain day of the week. Please refer to the menu for more information.

There's more! Cupcakes are meant to be personalized. So at Dainty Cupcake cart, you can purchase cupcake and then decorate it yourself with any of the decorations available there; with the help of our staff of course. Have fun designing your own cupcakes!!

With the opening, human resource matter do come in view. We are still deciding whether we would like to hire a part-time help. Well we'll see how thing goes. We made a wanted ad just for fun. Have a look.

So, that's all for now. Catch up with you guys later.

Dainty Cupcake
p/s: The picture was copied somewhere from the internet. Credit to the illustrator (^_^)