Dainty Cupcake's Big Cake for Restaurants and Cafe

If you have a restaurant or cafe, I would like to supply cakes to you. Adding dessert to your menu will add up to the total spending per patron. It will also bring in customers during the slow hours such as after lunch and dinner.

This is Berrylicious cake. Light vanilla butter cake layered with whipped cream and blueberry filling.

You will probably need a chiller just for cakes. But I'm sure you will know what equipment best suits your needs :)

This is Bunny's Fav cake; Carrot-Banana-Walnut cake with cream cheese filling

Please contact me via email dainty.cupcake[at]gmail.com or www.facebook.com/DaintyCupcake to customized cake flavors for your restaurant.

 Sometimes people need some color to cheer them up. What's better than a slice of rainbow cake. It's made of vanilla butter cake layer with lots of buttercream in between.

Maybe you will need a small microwave as well to heat up this moist chocolate cake a bit. Everyone knows you need to eat chocolate cake at room or warmer temperature. Chocolate just taste much better if it's a bit gooey :)

You can also act as my agent for custom decorated cake. I will provide a little bit of commission of course. I'm looking forward to hear from you! Especially those in Puchong and surrounding areas.