Raya Cookies by Dainty Cupcake - Order now or...


Happy to share with you that I'd received a few orders already. But really hope that more orders will come by next Wednesday...People, my oven is BIG (for domestic use anyway ;p) and I have a room that I call THE BAKING ROOM. So, don't worry I can bake lots of cookies. So, come on and order more!

Happy Fasting all muslims...Don't eat too much during break-fast or you'll end up like my cat. Fat bellied and lazy... :)

Raya Cookies by Dainty Cupcake

1. London Almond Cookies - RM25 Almond cookies with roasted almond center, coated with chocolate and garnished with roasted almond nibs. 
2. Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies - RM23 Chocolate sandwich hazelnut cookies with chocolate drizzles. 
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM20 Cookies with heavenly taste of salty butter, taste better as they aged with super crunchy texture and sweet dark chocolate chips.

4. Double Choc Chip Cookies - RM20 Super crunchy chocolate cookies with sweet dark chocolate chips.
5. Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies - RM25 Chocoholic's dream cookies with 4 types of chocolate incorporated in the cookies: chocolate cookies with dark chocolate chips, rolled in chocolate rice, garnished with milk chocolate buttons.
6. Parmesan Shortbread (savoury) - RM25 Rare savoury cookies that mimic the recipe of shortbread but with generous amount of grated Parmesan and sprinkled with parsley.