Another Black White And Red Cupcakes

I guess Black White and Red is a popular color combination. So my cousin's niece (or is it my cousin's cousin? we're related somehow but not sure how ;)) wanted to order cupcakes for her 25th birthday. It was a really last minute order but since I have time, I accept the order. 

Anyway, what's interesting with this order was, she wanted some of the cupcakes to have black frosting. Usually when people requested black, I'll recommend using chocolate ganache instead. So, as requested, I made black Swiss meringue buttercream for the topping. The texture is lighter than the normal buttercream because of the meringue (egg-white and sugar combination). I keep adding the color because it won't become black. Just dark gray. Afraid of having a foul tasted frosting, I kept back from adding the whole bottle of charcoal black and settled with the dark gray.

Did I mentioned that I'd my best friend came over? Moving on, she watched me decorated the cupcakes *while salivating. But no worries, she's a food science degree holder so she knew bout food safety and hygiene control ;p* Right after we complete the decorations, she ate one of the cupcakes with the black frosting. I was busy cleaning up and when I sat down to chat, I was like "EEEWWW YOUR TEETH ARE BLACK. YOUR MOUTH IS BLACK!" haha..the black frosting left black stains on her mouth.. 

A light bulb, an evil light bulb lighted in my head. Why don't gave it to my fiance so that he can prank his colleagues ;) And I they all ate my cupcakes like they always do (^_^) That's for making my fiance work long hours (he's in contractor business. They usually have crazy working hours.)

The best thing about this order? My cousin texted me ' 2 thumbs up for the cupcakes!'  
That made my day :)