Italian Meringue Kisses

Italian Meringue by Dainty Cupcake
This is my first attempt in making the famous Italian Meringue. I was curious on the taste. Some say the texture is crunchy, light and melt in your mouth. I personally think it taste like cotton candy. Only better. But the downside would be, it took so long to dry and become crunchy and it smells of egg. But never the less, i like it very much but not sure if I'll make it again because of the long baking time.

This the result of an impatient baker who wants to dry the meringue too quickly. What a waste.

The bottom burned and beyond edible, while the top still soft and sticky. I sprinkle some chocolate chips for flavor but they went to the bin instead.

Then I had these that were browned a bit because the slightly higher temperature. I got a small bowl of this and finished them instantly. LOL
Finally, the perfect Italian Meringue Kisses. They were oven dried to crunchy yet light perfection. I can finish hundreds of them if  I don't think about the long time it took to be ready. So gotta eat them bit by bit or kiss by kiss ;)