Cute Bowling Themed Cupcakes

Banana flavored cupcakes with banana butter cream,
chocolate bowling ball and fondant bowling pin

We made and order of bowling themed cupcakes sometime last week. The result looked cute and taste good. We are actually proud of the fondant decorations, since we made the fondant ourselves from scratch. Well, we actually had made fondant previously but since we didn't manage to find all the exact ingredients, the fondant turned out to taste not so good and crumbly thus difficult to work with. But last week , for the first time, we manage to sourced all the ingredients that make good rolled fondant. Yes that's right, our cupcakes use quality ingredients and 100% homemade. No cheating.

Photos of Dainty Cupcake (formerly known as D's Cupcakes) @ KLPac Open Day

Yes, yes we know it's old news. But we don't care, we still want to upload the pictures from last event @ KLPac Open Day. They're not great pictures but enough to show you our booth that day. Cute ~(*_^)~

This was our handmade, self-designed signboard with DIY stand.
Yupe, we were very creative in investing our funds in good ingredients instead of other things.

These are Zetsy Orange cupcakes arranged on DIY tray. Pretty, huh? ;P
Did we mentioned that we made the card holder ourselves? (^_^)
There was a cute little boy that insisted his mom to buy the card holder.

Chocolate cupcake + chocolate granache + sugar hearts decoration = Chocoholic cupcakes!
Chocoholic was the fastest selling cupcakes that day.

You see that guy wearing a green shirt in the back ground? He's Noah like
the Noah Ark. He sold pictures that he took while living in some remote
village in the rain forest.Those 2 people looking at the camera were force to
pose for whoever behind the camera ;p

Come And Meet Us Again @ SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara
2.00pm - 10.00pm, Sunday 15th February

Dainty Cupcake @ Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara

A quick update, we will be opening our cupcake booth at Soho KL as part of Bijou Bazaar this Sunday, February 15th 2009. So be sure to be there!! If you need help in getting direction, worry not. Here's the map.

p/s: You just don't want to miss out on our gourmet cupcakes that sell so cheap that you have to get them.. (^_*)

D's Cupcakes? Petite Desserts? Dainty Cupcakes?

As the title impose, we can't really make up our mind.. But as start from today and hopefully for the rest of the future, we will name our little business as
Dainty Cupcake
The name was decided upon the meaning of dainty which means a lot actually; little, delicate, beautiful, delicious.. And since we make mostly cupcakes, hence the name Dainty Cupcake was chosen. It fits the blogspot address nicely.. So there you go, our name has changed to Dainty Cupcake. However, the logo is yet another undecided matter. We have trouble in choosing the prettier logo. So if you would be very nice and vote on the logo that you think is better, that would be very great. You will find the voting section at the lower right hand side of this page (^_^)