Photos of Dainty Cupcake (formerly known as D's Cupcakes) @ KLPac Open Day

Yes, yes we know it's old news. But we don't care, we still want to upload the pictures from last event @ KLPac Open Day. They're not great pictures but enough to show you our booth that day. Cute ~(*_^)~

This was our handmade, self-designed signboard with DIY stand.
Yupe, we were very creative in investing our funds in good ingredients instead of other things.

These are Zetsy Orange cupcakes arranged on DIY tray. Pretty, huh? ;P
Did we mentioned that we made the card holder ourselves? (^_^)
There was a cute little boy that insisted his mom to buy the card holder.

Chocolate cupcake + chocolate granache + sugar hearts decoration = Chocoholic cupcakes!
Chocoholic was the fastest selling cupcakes that day.

You see that guy wearing a green shirt in the back ground? He's Noah like
the Noah Ark. He sold pictures that he took while living in some remote
village in the rain forest.Those 2 people looking at the camera were force to
pose for whoever behind the camera ;p

Come And Meet Us Again @ SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara
2.00pm - 10.00pm, Sunday 15th February