D's Cupcakes? Petite Desserts? Dainty Cupcakes?

As the title impose, we can't really make up our mind.. But as start from today and hopefully for the rest of the future, we will name our little business as
Dainty Cupcake
The name was decided upon the meaning of dainty which means a lot actually; little, delicate, beautiful, delicious.. And since we make mostly cupcakes, hence the name Dainty Cupcake was chosen. It fits the blogspot address nicely.. http://dcupcake.blogspot.com So there you go, our name has changed to Dainty Cupcake. However, the logo is yet another undecided matter. We have trouble in choosing the prettier logo. So if you would be very nice and vote on the logo that you think is better, that would be very great. You will find the voting section at the lower right hand side of this page (^_^)