Another Black White And Red Cupcakes

I guess Black White and Red is a popular color combination. So my cousin's niece (or is it my cousin's cousin? we're related somehow but not sure how ;)) wanted to order cupcakes for her 25th birthday. It was a really last minute order but since I have time, I accept the order. 

Anyway, what's interesting with this order was, she wanted some of the cupcakes to have black frosting. Usually when people requested black, I'll recommend using chocolate ganache instead. So, as requested, I made black Swiss meringue buttercream for the topping. The texture is lighter than the normal buttercream because of the meringue (egg-white and sugar combination). I keep adding the color because it won't become black. Just dark gray. Afraid of having a foul tasted frosting, I kept back from adding the whole bottle of charcoal black and settled with the dark gray.

Black + White + Red cupcakes

Hi people,

Made these cupcakes a while ago but only now have the time to upload it.. As usual when customer order online and needed delivery service, I'll ask for the complete address and google map it since my phone is way low tech and my car does not has gps built in, as oppose to most cars in the USA and Europe. Moving on, on the day of delivery I was working. So after baring with hundreds or thousands other motorist, I manage to get home without having any new scratches (yupe, I'm the typical overconfident, quick-tempered and ill-patient driver), took the cupcakes, took the notebook (I've to tutor Java afterword) and drive while looking at the map.