Black + White + Red cupcakes

Hi people,

Made these cupcakes a while ago but only now have the time to upload it.. As usual when customer order online and needed delivery service, I'll ask for the complete address and google map it since my phone is way low tech and my car does not has gps built in, as oppose to most cars in the USA and Europe. Moving on, on the day of delivery I was working. So after baring with hundreds or thousands other motorist, I manage to get home without having any new scratches (yupe, I'm the typical overconfident, quick-tempered and ill-patient driver), took the cupcakes, took the notebook (I've to tutor Java afterword) and drive while looking at the map. 

Can you imagine how hard it is driving and studying map in the dark? Well after few wrong turns later, I was on the correct route. But to no avail, the T-junction that was suppose to lead me to the address was a dead end. Luckily the girl that order the cupcakes was so nice to have to call me and gave me direction to her house -LIVE- while I drive. Thanks Nadia. Hope your sis-in-law and brother love the cupcakes.