To Stay Or Not To Stay

Hello guys. First of all we would like to thank all of you who've been buying our cupcakes and reading our blog. As you know, Dainty Cupcake was born about a year ago. It's just a small thing, baking and decorating cupcakes at home and joining the odd bazaars. We've open a small cupcake cart in Sungei Wang about a month and a week ago. The lease is for 2 months only. We were, or we are testing the market for selling cupcakes in a mall. Sadly though, the sales are not as expected. It barely cover the cost, we are selling the cupcakes with very low price anyway when we should charge more. Although we have some repeat customers to prove that our cupcakes are delicious, we are discourage to renew our lease for it would not be a good business move.

So, we regret to say that our cart will only open until mid January. But afraid not, for we will still accept orders online. With delivery service provided of course. We also hope that with more time available in our schedule, more order for custom cupcakes or cakes will come our way. We'll also use this time to design more awesome cupcakes & cakes. So, do keep reading our blog for more confectionery arts. When the time comes, maybe we'll open another shop so that you can have our cupcakes whenever you feels like it.

Until then, 'Bon appetit', Julia Child in Julie & Julia ;)