Honda HSV-010 GT Model (Gumpaste Car) - So We tried

Last week one customer emailed me to order a car themed cake for her boyfriend's birthday. It was a very last minute order. Usually I don't do last minute order, but hate to disappoint her since  she was ditched  by another baker. As the saying goes, one man trash is another man treasure..erk not sure if that applied here but you got the idea. So 22 emails later, we agreed on the design. Here is the full view of the final result.

I was trying to make a gumpaste car using pictures from JONSIBAL blog. It's a Honda. But lack of tools meant lack of details. So instead of looking very sporty and stylish, it looks cute. ;P Oh and don't forget the cake. It was 10" rich dark chocolate cake filled and covered with creamy chocolate ganache and sprinkles with chocolate rice. Cute cakes mean nothing if it taste awful. I was happy to receive a text from the customer and I quote "Thanks for d cake! It's delicious! Everyone loved it! Thanks! ;)"

Gumpaste Car - Top View

Gumpaste Car - Front View

Gumpaste Car - Left View

Gumpaste Car - Rear View

Gumpaste Car - Left View

If you would like to order a cake or cupcakes like this please email us at We also can make other design to suite your taste and budget (^_^)