Carriage Roses / Butterfly Wedding (Hantaran) Cake

Girls usually dream on having a perfect wedding. A fairytale wedding is what most girls want. This cake I made was inspired from the famous fairytale associated with weddings; Cinderella. I was given a very short notice to make a wedding gives cake or kek hantaran in Bahasa Malaysia. The customer request for a cake with peach colored flowers to match the color scheme. Since no specific instructions were given, my mind went wild with creativity. I wanted to design something special and unique. I also wanted to differ from the common wedding/ hantaran cake design. After browsing the internet for inspirations, I finally came out with the initial sketch. However, I wasn't satisfies so I changed it again and again. 

It was decided that the cake would be covered with fondant icing. Eventually when the time ran out, I started decorating the cake. While putting the pieces together, I had another idea. Why not let the cake has 2 designs. 2 in 1, genius right. so instead of having 1 front, the cake had 2 fronts. Don't get it? Take a look at the pictures. You'll get the idea. The result, a unique and special wedding/ hantaran cake.

This was also my first timedoing scroll work with royal icing. I got it wrong first, the royal icing consistency was very thick that the icing bag leaked a few times with the pressure. But after thinned it for a bit, it was OK. Looking forward to do more practice on royal icing. 

I hope more people will order cake or cupcake with me. Challenge me with tricky designs. Specialty cake is my passion.

Ciao (^_^)