Raya Cookies a.k.a Kuih Raya

COOKIES! Who doesn't love them?! Cookies + Chocolate = Heaven Food on earth. I stumbled upon these great pictures from BHG.com when I was looking for raya cookies inspiration. So, I was thinking this year I'll make chocolaty raya cookies to order. Still finding time to make the actual cookie samples. However, I've came up with the pre-order cookies menu.
1. London Almond Cookies - RM25
2. Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies - RM23
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM20
4. Double Choc Chip Cookies - RM20
5. Chocoholic Thumbprint Cookies - RM25
6. Parmesan Shortbread (savoury) - RM25

*Sample, hopefully will be ready by end of next week. If you wanna grab the free samples, do drop an e-mail. First come, first served!