3 tiers Wedding Cake

June has arrive and it's filled with beautiful weddings, blushing brides, nervous groom and excited wedding attendants. I made this cake a while ago but only now I have time to post it here. This very simple 3 tiers chocolate cake is covered with white chocolate. White chocolate because 1st, the bride dislike fondant and 2nd because it need to travel from KL to JB on a bumpy ride.

It was my first time doing 3 tiers cake and well covering a big cake with white chocolate is so hard for people without formal training like me. After a few tries, I figured that it would be easier to melt it, spread and cooled it on  parchment paper then cut to size and patch it up like making box.

The bride also requested cupcakes for wedding gives/ hantaran  /wedding dowry. Using the same color scheme;pink, I decorated the cupcakes with pink rose buds and little white and blue flowers. They was then put in a nice transparent box and prettied up with ribbons. The pictures aren't good because I only have my phone to take the pictures and lighting was bad. But still glad that I can share this with you guys.

More wedding cupcakes coming in tomorrow... :)