What's So Different About D's Cupcakes?

I've read an interesting article today about cupcakes from KLUE Mag, Chope: What's The Deal With Cupcakes? The post is a bit old and the writer frankly said that he did not care for cupcakes because in his opinion, cupcakes are just a piece of cake that taste the same no matter how they look:buttery and overly sweet.

So what's the deal with cupcakes? It's just a cake that was baked in a cup. Cupcakes are easy to bake since you wouldn't end up with burned sides and raw batter in the middle. Some people might argue that cupcakes are for novice baker. Well I totally disagree with that. Yes, cupcakes are easier to bake than a big cake, but if you are a novice baker, you wouldn't know that temperature control is important to get a moist cake. The smaller the cake, the higher the possibilities you are going to end up with a dry or maybe a doughy cake.

Some might think that cupcakes will be always be butter cake with fancy decoration covering them. D's Cupcakes defer to this because we bake different flavored cupcakes and we sure make it as delicious as the icing. I'm not saying this because I want to sell my cupcakes but it's the truth.. Kenape, tak percaye? To us here, we would never sacrifice taste for looks.

Signing off,