D's Cupcakes @ KLPac Open Day 2009

This picture was taken by one of our customer.
I just curik the gamba since he just curik tangkap my cupcakes pic! haha

It was a blast! We kick start the day very early in the morning, setting up our booth at KLPac as part of Bijou Bazaar. We were so excited for it was our first time opening a stall to sell our delicious cupcakes. I personally had been baking and decorating cupcakes for 3 days straight with total of less than 8 hours sleep/rest. But when 5.00pm came yesterday, our cupcakes were sold out and all tiredness and sleepiness fly away for it had been such a great day for us.

Hey, wanna know something? Believe it or not, there was a handful of people came back for 2nd and 3rd serving of the cupcakes. So the majority sure agreed with us that our cupcakes were superbly delicious!! haha ;D To you that missed us, be sure to come to our next event. But still not sure when and where. Will keep you guys updated.

There were quite a few people came armed with large lenses came to take pictures and videos of our cupcakes. Wish they would send some to us. We were so busy all day that we didn't even have time to explore the activities held by KLPac. (I missed the Salsa workshop ;( ....)We didn't even get to eat breakfast, lunch or have a tea break. There were people constantly stopping at our booth to buy cupcakes. To those people, we love you guys. It was our first time and you made it so special and memorable!